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Department of Art Education / Admissions / Masters


Admission to the Master's Degree Programs

 Applicants for admission to any of the options of the department's master's degree programs (art education, art therapy or arts administration) should have an undergraduate major related to art, art education, arts administration, or thirty (30) hours in art and/or art education coursework. Please note that the art therapy program also requires additional psychology prerequisites. Please go to the Art Therapy link for information on these requirements. Deficiencies may be made up after acceptance into the program.

Additional admission requirements include: the completion of a questionnaire, official transcripts from all previous course work, results from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), three letters of recommendation, a portfolio of the candidate's studio work (and the candidate's students work if applicable) submitted on a CD, and a 1,000-word biography which should include career goals and why the applicant is applying to this program.

Candidates must achieve a 3.0 point average on a 4.0 scale during the last sixty (60) hours of undergraduate education for admission to the program and a percentile ranking of 55% on the Verbal and 25% on the Quantitative portions of the GRE [Please contact the department for further details]. In addition, two years of teaching experience is desired of applicants for Art Education non-teacher certification track. 

Applicants for the 5 year combined BA in Art/MS in Art Education program will begin this process as an undergraduate major in Art in the Department of Art. Please refer to the advisors associated with that program or you may contact Dr. Anniina Suominen Guyas, advisor for the 5 year program in the Department of Art Education.