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Department of Art Education / Programs / Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs

Arts and Community Practice

The program is designed for undergraduate and graduate students who wish to develop a focused concentration on the application of the arts to community development.

This is inclusive of groups and families and addresses all stages of human development.

Particular attention will be given to prevention, enrichment, and response to social concerns.

Program requirements are based on the integration of the theoretical and practical aspects of dance, art education/therapy, and community based generalist/clinical social work.

Requirements include coursework in art education/therapy, dance, and social work totaling at least 12 credits with at least 3 credits taken from each program in certificate approved courses.
An additional requirement is the completion of a major paper linking theory and practice.

Museum Studies

An interdisciplinary certificate in Museum Studies is offered for graduate or postgraduate students who wish to supplement their academic knowledge with specific expertise and training in the museum field.

The program includes students form the arts, humanities, and sciences. Graduates of the program will seek employment in science centers, art museums, history museums, historic house museums, ethnographic museums, natural history museums, and other such institutions.

The Art Education Department offers graduate courses that fulfill requirements of FSU's Interdisciplinary Museum Studies Certificate Program. The Museum Studies certificate is available to any FSU graduate student interested in working as a museum professional.
It requires two core courses, two electives and six credit hours of internship.

The Museum Studies program is administered by the College of Visual Arts, Theatre and Dance and supported by more than fifteen FSU departments and a professional advisory council.

For more detailed information about the program and member departments, a list of available internships, application information and forms, please visit the official Museum Studies web site.
Learn More about the Museum Studies Program Here.

Books needed for courses

Certificate in Art Museum Education

The Department of Art Education offers a graduate certificate in art museum education. This certificate is designed specifically for those who wish to pursue careers in education departments of art museums. It is appropriate for graduate students in art education, arts administration, and related areas (i.e., education, art history, Classics), as well as for art museum educators who may complete the certificate, with special-student status, to enhance their practice. To provide the necessary background, course content draws from diverse fields, including education, psychology, sociology, arts administration, and organizational theory.

Certificate Requirements

The certificate, done in conjunction with graduate study in a major or with special-student status, requires 18 hours: four courses (12 hours) and internship (6 hours, no more than 3 of which may count towards other internship requirements). Florida State University graduate students may transfer up to three hours that closely match required coursework. At the discretion of the certificate program advisor, those with special-student status may transfer up to six hours with a GPA of 3.0 or better that closely match the required coursework. Students may not transfer previous internship hours, but the certificate program advisor may adjust or waive internship credit requirements for those with special-student status who have already worked in art museums and who are going to returning to art museum education positions upon completion of the certificate. FSU graduate students must finish the certificate requirements before or concurrent with their work in their majors. Special students must finish within two years. The certificate credential is not intended as a diploma or a degree.

Program of Studies

Required courses and electives vary slightly based on the student’s status and course of study. Students must have their elective and internship choices approved by Pat Villeneuve, the certificate program advisor. Learn more about the certificate in Art Museum Education here.

Books needed for courses