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The Department of Art Education is part of the College of Fine Arts at Florida State University and consists of four Graduate Programs: Art Education, Art Therapy, Arts Administration, and Museum Education and Exhibitions (MEX).  The College of Fine Arts is guided by a set of values that demonstrates a commitment to students, faculty, the University, the community at large, and the organizations that will employ future graduates.

Our Philosophy

Art for Life is the vision which guides our four graduate programs

  • The Art Education Program’s principle goals are to deepen the visual and cultural literacy of future art teachers and to increase the shared body of visual information which is crucial for the fundamental base of art knowledge from which art instructors must teach.
  • The Art Therapy Program is designed to promote the use of art therapy as a means of reconciling conflicts, fostering self-awareness, facilitating personal development, and to expand knowledge of special and clinical populations.
  • The Arts Administration Program is also designed to educate aspiring arts and cultural leaders about the theory and practice of socially responsible arts administration.
  • The Museum Education and Exhibitions (MEX) Program consists of specialized innovative training for aspiring museum educators, with a focus on visitor-centered exhibitions.

This philosophy is based on the tenets put forth in the book, Art For Life, written by Dr. Tom Anderson and Dr. Melody Milbrandt. The power of art for social justice and societal change is not only infused in our philosophy, but is the overarching theme that pervades our curriculum.Art For Life Logo

Our Purpose

As a comprehensive education and research program, we strive to effect positive change in the community, the University, and our respective professions.

Our Business

We conduct diverse, accessible, comprehensive graduate programs and research in art education, art therapy and arts administration.

Our Values

We believe in the intrinsic value of art and its importance as a social good and as a catalyst for the development of the individual.