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FSU Art Therapy Association (FSU-ATA)

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The Art Therapy program and the Florida State University Art Therapy Association (FSU-ATA) work together to provide students social, academic and emotional support, in addition to community service activities and professional development. We meet once a month for community service and fund-raising events to encourage educational and professional opportunities for our members. We’re happy to provide interested students with more information, meeting times, and membership details!

Contact: Amanda Schattie

For more information, visit us on Facebook.

2017-2018 FSU-ATA Executive Board:

President: Amanda Schattie

Vice President: Elissa Pizzutto

Secretary: Elissa Pizzutto

Treasurer: Maggi Horseman

Historian: Celeen Robertson

Community Service Coordinator: Rachel Francis

Fundraising Chair: Elise Roche & Jordyn Dooley

Conference Coordinator: Elise Roche & Brittany Floyd

First Year – Second Year Liaisons: Hannah Stinson & Kelly Moore

Self Care Coordinator: Meg Beerse

Public Relations Officers: Hannah Stinson & Kelly Moore

FATA Representative: Jordyn Dooley

Multicultural Chair: Angela Quintero & Michelle Torrech Perez

Goals of FSU-ATA:

  • Prepare members for professional art therapy practice
  • Encourage research in the field of art therapy
  • Model the values of leadership, professionalism and community service
  • Promote communication between colleagues
  • Assist each other in pursuit of individual goals
  • Support each other during the transition from student to professional Registered Art Therapists (ATRs)

FSU-ATA Activities:

  • Volunteer activities: Sports Ability, Buddy Walk, Night to Shine
  • Self Care: Community service, social nights, gallery hop, clothing exchange, and art making
  • Educational activities: Host an annual art therapy speaker during the annual workshop and attend state and national conferences