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Art Education Offers Exciting and Interactive Environmental Class for Students

Published June 30, 2014

Screen-Shot-2014-06-26-at-1.33.11-PMFlorida State University is offering students an amazing opportunity to explore art education through hands-on involvement within the context of environment and culture. Through participation in Art Education Theory and Practice (ARE5047), students are able to attend a variety of different field trips in the community to build their knowledge about community art involvement and the importance of preserving the environment. Though the Art Education crew had the opportunity to attend many field experiences, this blog highlights a recent trip to Wakulla Springs and the classroom involvement allied with the experience.

On Thursday, May 15th our students left the classroom to participate in a tour of the Wakulla Springs Basin led by expert biologist and chief naturalist, Jim Stevenson. Students got the opportunity to explore and learn about the importance of preserving the natural world through participation and involvement in the Saving Wakulla Springs overland tour.

The Palmetto Expeditions tour is introduced as a caravan/hiking excursion. Florida State students were asked to meet at Tallahassee Community College at 8:00 a.m. to embark on an exciting nine stop journey to learn about water systems and the local environment by tracking Florida’s natural water sources. Before finally arriving at Wakulla Springs State Park, students stopped to explore nine other locations including: lakes, hidden sinkholes and the waste water treatment plant. During the tour, the students were able to learn first-hand about activities that may influence the quality and availability of water in the park and the importance of preserving these natural resources for future generations.

Through participation in the tour, students walk away with a better understanding of storm water management, land acquisition and land use planning as well as a compassionate desire to protect local resources, vegetation and wildlife.

To acquire tickets and experience this tour for yourself, visit the Saving Wakulla Springs Overland Tour Web Page 

“Tour covers the entrance fee to Wakulla Springs State Park. Additional options include lunch in the Lodge and a boat tour to observe the wildlife and ecology of the river. Over 60% of your tour fee will be contributed to the *Wakulla Springs Alliance and the **Friends of Wakulla Springs State Park, two groups working toward protection of the spring.”

For additional questions or assistance with your tour registration, please call 850-926-3376.