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ATA & NAEA Student Chapter Elections

Published March 23, 2016

FSU Art Therapy Association (ATA)

2016-2017 Officer Election Results 

Student Elections

President: Franchesca Lastra Vicente

“As the newly elected president, I will continue to uphold the beliefs and values of the American Art Therapy Association (AATA) and those of Florida State University. I will extend the knowledge and expertise that I have learned thus far to carry on the legacy of previous FSU ATA presidents, in addition to advocating our program, as well as the profession of Art Therapy. By working alongside my peers and the community I will not only accomplish this, but much more.”

Vice President (First Friday): Rebecca Allen

“Our class is so tight-knit and works so well together. I think we are going to be able to do great things with ATA, and I am excited to work alongside my classmates as VP. I look forward to seeing all that we accomplish and how we will be able to further engage the community through First Friday at Railroad Square.”

Secretary: Carla Clymo

“I look forward to my time as secretary.”

Treasurer: Mia Ulmer

“I am honored to be responsible for a position of this importance.”

Historian: Ashley Beck

“I am excited to document every event that goes on with ATA. I am so happy that Franchesca will be our leader!”

Community Service Coordinators: Kara Morrissey & Olivia Clear

“Representing ATA as a Community Service Coordinator is a privilege, because it allows us to work on minimizing the gap between campus and the community in a positive and meaningful way.” – Kara Morrissey

“I am so excited to uncover some of the various ways that we can engage and serve the broader community to illustrate the service oriented aspects that form the core of our position.” – Olivia Clear

1st/2nd year Liason: Jeanette Bullock

“I am excited to welcome the incoming class!”

Self Care: Casey Barlow

“I am excited to fill the self-care position, and be provided with the opportunity to remind the wonderful individuals in ATA how important it is to provide the same compassion to ourselves that we give to others every day.”

Public Relations Coordinator: Lindsay Bullock

“I am excited to be on PR and help spread the news of the wonderful things our program is doing.”

FATA Liason: Cassandra Szarejko

“As a native Floridian, I am excited to begin connecting with the Florida Art Therapy Association (FATA) and learning more about how the profession is making an impact in the state.”

Fundraising Chairs: Madisen Hansen & Brittany Osborn

“I am excited that the fundraising position will be split into two sections. It is a lot of work and a hard position that comes with a lot of stress. I am glad that myself and Brittany will be in charge of it. We make a good team.” – Madisen Hansen

“As supportive team members, Maddie and I will work together to fundraise enough money so each student has an opportunity to go to the AATA Conference!” – Brittany Osborn

FSU ATA Officers

Bottom Left: Franchesca Lastra Vicente, Rebecca Allen, Mia Ulmer, Ashley Beck. Top Left: Kara Morrissey, Olivia Clear, Jeanette Bullock, Casey Barlow, Lindsay Bullock, Cassandra Szarejko, Madisen Hansen, Brittany Osborn.

FSU ATA Upcoming Events:

FSU ATA members will be attending SportsAbility on Friday, April 8, 2016. At the event, members will be doing a community art directive and attending the SportsAbility Banquet later that evening.


SportsAbility, which will be held April 7-9, 2016, is the premier event of the Florida Disabled Outdoors Association (FDOA). This event is about enhancing the lives of people with disabilities by promoting active living. SportsAbility provides first hand access to resources and demonstrations of activities designed to encourage participation regardless of age or ability level.


People who attend SportsAbility learn about the value of recreation and active leisure for everyone – especially people with disabilities. People discover the latest in equipment, trends, and resources. This event provides an opportunity for people to network with people with disabilities, resource providers, and community organizations. There is no charge to participants thanks to their generous sponsors. Those interested in attending SportsAbility must register. Although on-site registration will be available, registering online is recommended.


FSU ATA also plans to volunteer at The Shelter’s Carnival. The official date of the day-long carnival is TBA, but may possibly be held on Saturday, April 23, 2016. The Shelter responds to the emergency needs of people for shelter, food, personal hygiene, clothing, medical assistance and medications, and crisis intervention services without charging fees.  The Shelter also offers support services and referrals to other partnering area agencies for food stamps, housing placement, substance abuse counseling, legal aid, health care, job training and employment.


To keep up to date with all of the events and activities, make sure to like/follow the FSU ATA Facebook page!


FSU National Art Education Association (NAEA)

2016-2017 Officer Election Results

President: Jennifer HamrockNAEA

Vice President/Secretary: Jay Boda

Treasurer: Cindy Jesup

Historian: Caiti Ward

Social Media Coordinators: Morgan Szymanski & Maddi Stevens


FSU NAEA Upcoming Events:

Friday, April 1st, FSU NAEA members are invited to Dr. Sara Scott Shields’ house for a NAEA T-Shirt Print Party. Time TBA.


FSU NAEA will have a booth at Relay for Life this year, which is on Friday, April 15th. The event starts at 6:00 pm. For more information on joining the team and donating check out their website.

The chapter will also be hosting three more workshops to be announced at a later date.

To keep up to date with all of the events and activities, make sure to like/follow the FSU NAEA Facebook page!