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Breaking Free of Mental Illness Stigma Through Art Expression

Published September 25, 2015

The Apalachee Center hosted a wonderful art show in their conference room this past spring! Florida State’s very own Art Therapy Interns, Lorelei Voronin and Danielle Rodriguez, presented the gallery show titled Breaking Free of Mental Illness Stigma Through Art Expression. The show consisted of client artwork created in therapy groups between the months of January and April of this year. Through the display, they aimed to break the negative stigma of mental illnesses and instead celebrate the artwork that would send a positive message about mental health back to the community.



Client artwork


Client artwork










The opening reception on Friday, April 24, 2015 kicked the gallery show off to a great start! Attendees were exposed to over 100 works of art from all different mediums created solely by the Apalachee Center clients. The clients’ family members and friends were also in attendance. Dr. Jay Reeve, the Center’s President/CEO, concluded the event with a lovely speech. He started by commenting on the unfortunate effects of society’s perspective on mental illnesses and finished by saying that the gallery showcased the wonderful work that came directly from his clients. Overall, it was a marvelous event that brought positivity, excitement, and joy to everyone that was involved and had attended.