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Congratulations Fall 2014 Doctoral Graduate Jee Yoon Kim

Published January 13, 2015

The Department of Art Education would like to congratulate our Fall 2014  graduate Jee Yoon Kim who achieved her doctorate in art therapy. Her dissertation was titled The Impact of Two-Dimensional Versus Three-Dimensional Art Therapy on Locus of Control in Special Needs Children in South Korea which she completed under the advisement of Dr. Marcia Rosal. When asked about her experience at FSU, Dr. Jee Yoon Kim answered:

The experience in FSU was a precious opportunity for me to study at a new environment and to write a thoughtful dissertation under magnificent teaching from superb faculty members. I attribute the honor to obtain my Ph.D to my advisor professor Dr. Marcia Rosal, who suggested right direction of my dissertation with meticulous review and insight.

I wouldn’t have been achieved my degree without her help. I also want to express my gratitude to my committee members Dr. David Gussak, who gave me excellent advice about big frame of my research, Dr. Patricia Villeneuve, who pointed out the detailed mistakes that I missed, and Professor Holly Hanessian, who offered professional knowledge in Ceramics that was used in my study. Thanks with their support, I could obtain my Ph.D, and could establish a foothold to teach in Universities in South Korea. The time in FSU was valuable opportunity in my life.

We are proud of Dr. Jee Yoon Kim’s achievements and look forward to following her future endeavors.