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Congratulations, Morgan!

Published April 13, 2016
MFHlogoThe Department of Art Education would like to congratulate first-year MEX master’s student, Morgan Szymanski, on her recent hire as a Museum Educator at the Museum of Florida History. The Museum is the state history museum that focuses on cultural history of Florida that reflects the ways that people have shaped and reacted to the environment.


When asked about her new position, Morgan had this to say:


1. What will you be doing at the Museum of Florida History?


Well, as the title: Museum Education Program Representative suggests, I will be working alongside the other education staff! Since I just started all I am doing right now is learning the ropes…shadowing tour guides and getting familiar with how their education programs and events work. Eventually, I will be leading my own tour groups and creating my own programs! I told them that I really enjoy working with kids and doing programming so they are going to try and gear my position towards my interests, which is great.


2. Why were you attracted to this organization?


My background is in history and classics, so I am all about history museums and ancient art/artifacts. Besides the subject area, I have always enjoyed visiting the museum and have a deep appreciation for all that they do for the community.

Morgan Szymanski

Morgan Szymanski

As I am going through the MEX program I am realizing that my true passion lies in programming and community engagement, which from my observation the Museum of Florida History does a great job at! I wanted to be a part of an organization that the community regards highly, and the Museum fits.


3.     What unique abilities/traits do you possess that gave you an advantage when pursuing this position?


In the interviewing process, they asked me a lot of questions that I was able to answer confidently because of the MEX program and all of the opportunities that have come my way since my acceptance into FSU. Not only do I feel confident in my abilities to complete the tasks that will be thrown my way during work, but this program has pushed me and intrigued me to follow what I believe will be most beneficial for the community. As long as I cover all of the museum’s bases, they have basically given me free reign to conduct tours and programs however I would like. I am super excited about this because I really have a chance to put what I have been learning in class into action…and see the results!