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Congratulations, Sarah, on your Recent Hire!

Published April 28, 2016

Sarah GravesThe Department of Art Education would like to sincerely congratulate MEX PhD candidate Sarah Graves on her recent hire as Collections Information Specialist at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts in Alabama!

When asked about the position, Sarah had this to say:

1.     Did you ever imagine obtaining the position that you have today?

I knew that I wanted to be back in the museum field, but I never thought that I would wind up in one that tie so closely with my past work experience and my interests in my degree. This position, Collections Information Specialist, is a unique blend of technology, the digital world, and curation in museums, and I am thrilled!

2.     What opportunities did you pursue that led to your current occupation?
My current occupation resulted from a few different aspects – my employment at FSU as a Media Specialist helped me develop skills in graphic design, communication, and photography. My job at the Brogan Museum taught me the workings of museums and how to manage my time while working with objects and museum staff. My PhD finessed my time management skills and helped me learn what I wanted to do in museums and narrow my focus. 

3.     How did you become involved with the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts organization initially? Why were you attracted to this organization?

Honestly, I came across their job posting on and was impressed with their website, After going through it and reading about the organization, I applied.