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Department of Art Education Faculty Members and Alumni Contribute to the Newest NAEA Publication, “Inquiry in Action”

Published September 30, 2014

This past August, the National Art Education Association (NAEA) released a new book entitled Inquiry in Action; Paradigms, Methodologies, and Perspectives in Art Education Research. This publication is the newest resource for its readers to determine appropriate methods and conditions for investigation. We’re proud to announce that members of the faculty (past and present) as well as several of our alumni have contributed to this work.

Dr. Tom Anderson, Director of the Art Education Graduate Program, wrote a chapter entitled Climbing Kilimanjaro: Narrative and Autoethnographic Research.

Inquiry in Action reaffirms NAEA’s longstanding commitment to promoting research as the means to connect theory and practice. This timely text is a reminder that inquiry without action is endless, and action without inquiry is aimless. Art educators are well placed to adapt research as inquiry in action because of their embedded knowledge as practitioners, and their embodied experience as artmakers.”
—Graeme Sullivan, Director of the School of Visual Arts, Pennsylvania State University

(NAEA Website)

Dr. Patricia Villenueve, Director of the Arts Administration program, partnered with Dr. Ann Rowson Love, Assistant Professor of the new Museum Education and Visitor-Centered Exhibitions Program (MEX), and Alumna Alicia Viera. Together they wrote Transitional Approaches in Art Museum Education: Models for Practice, Program Evaluation, and Research about art museum research, evaluation, and models for practice.


This book is an important asset to art and educational researchers and students, as well as teachers and administrators who are intrigued about art education research and practice.”
—Flávia Bastos, Professor, School of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning, University of Cincinnati

(NAEA Website)

Former FSU faculty member, Dr. Melanie Davenport co-wrote the chapter Why Case Study?


Alumni Dr. Tom Brewer, Dr. Melanie Milbrandt, and Dr. Elizabeth Delacruz contributed with chapters about quantitative research and policy development, descriptive survey research, and research in story form respectively.


We congratulate these faculty members and alums on their contribution to the new NAEA book and hope to hear of more of their accomplishments in the future.