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Home » News » The Department of Art Education Hosts Welcome Back Reception for 2015’s Newest Students

The Department of Art Education Hosts Welcome Back Reception for 2015’s Newest Students

Published August 20, 2015

On Wednesday, August 19th, the Department of Art Education welcomed new graduate students with lots food and good company at their 2015 Welcome Back Reception. Students and teachers sat around the reception room introducing themselves and meeting their cohort for the first time.

Susan Messersmith, in charge of Graduate Admissions, said “It was a pleasure meeting everyone in person after communicating to them for over a year.”

In addition to all of the new faces, the Department invited special guests to speak the reception. The first was Dr. Judith Devine who is the Senior Associate Dean of the Graduate School. Among other things, she talked about two certificate programs, Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) and the Preparing Future Professions (PFP) in which all Graduate students were welcomed to use as a source to expedite their careers.

This segued into Gloria Colvin’s presentation. Gloria is the research guide at Strozier Library designated to the subjects of Art Education, Art Therapy, and Arts Administration, among other things. She invited all to attend the Fall Social for Graduate and Post Docs to be help in the Scholars Commons of Strozier Library on Friday, September 11th. For more information about the Fall Social, please visit the FSU Library ‘What’s Happening?’ page.

Our final guest speaker was Dr. Teri Abstein who is the Curator of Education at the MoFA and Academic Coordinator for Museum Theory and Practice. She gave out pamphlets advertising the opening reception at the museum this Friday, August 28th, for their new exhibit, ‘Tallahassee International!” Dr. Abstein also shed light on the various internship and volunteering opportunities at the museum for the students each semester, and promoted her Museum and National Heritage Sites of London Study Abroad program held over Spring Break. Check out this Spring class where you will go on the “Museum Marathon” of 15 museums in 9 days in the heart of London with International Programs.

“I learned a lot about what this Department and the Graduate school has to offer, and I felt more at ease with the journey through my program after the reception,” said Morgan Szymanski, a Master’s student in the MEX program.

Overall, the new students had a chance to get to know each other more and their faculty in a relaxed setting, as well as take away some valuable information about what the department has to offer.