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Dr. Antonio Cuyler Presents at the Social Theory, Politics, and the Arts Conference

Published November 4, 2013

The Social Theory, Politics, and the Arts Conference met for its 39th year at Seattle University in Washington on October 24-26th. This inter-disiplinary gathering provides a venue for researchers, policy-makers, practitioners, and students to learn about and discuss current issues and trends in the field. The conference included attendees from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America.

Our very own Antonio Cuyler, Assistant Professor of Arts Administration, chaired a panel of presentations at the conference entitled, “Diversity & Social Responsibility. In addition, he presented his paper, “Arts Managers, Diversity, and Social Responsibility: A Metaphoric Reappraisal to Ensure Social Justice in the Arts.”

This presentation focused on the topic of diversity, which has been garnering a great deal of attention in various art blogs. Dr. Cuyler examined the art manager’s role, pinpointing an issue that has been ignored in previous discussions.Specifically, Cuyler argued the arts manager’s social responsibility in achieving this diversity while simultaneously pursuing social justice in the arts. He used Sikes’ (2000) metaphoric reappraisal to discuss how this can be accomplished. Finally, Cuyler addressed the role of technology in assisting the democratization of access to the arts.

Additionally, he has published an article of the same topic, Affirmative Action and Diversity: Implications for Arts management earlier this year in the Journal of Arts Management, law, and Society. We are so thankful to have professors, like Dr. Cuyler, who are committed to furthering the conversations on arts management, cultural policy, and the future of the arts!