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Dr. Jeff Broome Elected to the Council of Policy Studies in Art Education

Published January 13, 2017

Jeff Broome

The Department of Art Education is honored to announce that Dr. Jeff Broome, associate professor of art education at Florida State University, was elected to the Council of Policy Studies in Art Education.

Dr. Broome was officially inducted into the Council at the 2016 National Art Education Association (NAEA) Conference in Chicago, Illinois. The 2016 class of inductees included only six new members from the United States and Canada, and Dr. Broome was proud to share the honor with Dr. Wanda Knight (Penn State University), Sharif Bey (Syracuse University), Laura Trafi-Prats (formerly University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), FSU alumni, Dr. Steve Willis (Missouri State University) and Tom Brewer (retired from University of Central Florida). During the induction ceremony, Dr. Broome was also invited to give a presentation on his current research agenda along with the other 2016 inductees.

In 1965, Dr. Elliot Eisner (Stanford University) and Dr. Kenneth Beittel (Penn State University) realized that the art education profession lacked a space in which presentation of serious research, professional feedback, and intellectual exchange of ideas took place with the purpose of advancing the knowledge base of the field. Therefore, a group of leading art education professionals, intellectuals, and researchers, known as the Seminar for Research in Art Education, emerged, establishing the foundation of the Council of Policy Studies in Art Education. Not affiliated or connected to the NAEA, the Seminar for Research in Art Education initiated and engaged in meetings in which research and other topics regarding art education were introduced, evaluated, and explored.

During the end of the 1980s, after several years of organizing such assemblies, this group of art education professionals gradually developed into the Council for Policy Studies in Art Education. Having concluded on conducting a meeting one day before the annual NAEA Conference and independently from the NAEA, the Council served as a space in which its members could consider, discuss, and analyze concepts directly or indirectly influencing and affecting art education. Presently, around 50 art education professionals constitute the Council of Policy Studies in Art Education and gather together a day prior to the NAEA Conference. As Dr. Elliot Eisner stated, the Council is distinguished as “an effort of a group of people in the field of art education to clarify their thinking, to reflect on their purposes, and to strengthen the bonds that tie a group of peers together.”

As a response to this achievement, Dr. Broom stated:

It was a true honor to be elected to this historically important Council consisting of many scholars from North America that I have read and admired for years. I’m so pleased to carry on the tradition of representing Florida State University as a member of the Council.