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Dr. Jeff Broome’s Lecture at Northern Illinois University

Published February 26, 2016

The FSU Department of Art Education’s very own Dr. Jeff Broome was invited to give a guest lecture at Northern Illinois University during the Fall 2015 semester. The lecture was titled “Culturally Responsive and Sensitive Art Instruction: Self Reflection, Missteps, and Lessons Learned from Practice.” Dr. Broome, in conjunction with the university, invited students to join in for an interactive lecture as he discussed multicultural issues and culturally responsive instruction through his own professional experiences teaching K-12 students. Dr. Broome offered his own successes and missteps made during that time. This enabled lecture participants to fully understand the importance of critical self-reflection as a way to positively influence professional growth in the field of education.

Jeff Broome

Dr. Jeff Broome

Dr. Broome was recently named the Director-Elect of the Higher Education Division of the National Art Education Association (NAEA). He previously served as the Southeastern Regional Director of the same division of NAEA. Dr. Broome’s manuscripts have been accepted for publication as book chapters and studies in art education, the Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education, Visual Arts Research, Art Education, Journal of Multi-age Education, Art Education Australia, Journal of Art for Life, Arts Education Policy Review, and as a National Art Education Advisory.