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Recap: 2014 Florida Art Therapy Association Conference Cruise

Published February 20, 2014

Bahamas!The Florida Art Therapy Association’s Conference Cruise took place earlier this month, February 7-10, and it was a great success. Attendees arrived from over 9 states to participate in the 4-day conference that traveled from Miami to the Bahamas.  The Department of Art Education’s Art Therapy Program had 12 students and 2 faculty members in attendance.  Dr. Dave Gussak presented on the use of art as evidence in a capitol murder case.  Dr. Marcia Rosal presented about the use of museums as a tool in art therapy.


Two students also presented at the conference.  On Friday evening Rachel Mims presented about conducting an art journal swap for self-care.  She then had the conference attendees participate in a mini-art journal swap that took place until the last evening of the conference.  Three small journals were handed out to attendees who used whatever art materials they had brought or could find to make art before passing the journal to another conference attendee.  Many attendees stated that they enjoyed seeing the art created by others and that they were going to use the idea with their clients.


Meredith and Rachel

On Saturday evening Meredith McMackin and Rachel Mims presented about the utilization of papermaking as a trauma interventions when working with veterans.  The presentation detailed a workshop that was conducted at Veterans Village in June 2013.  Participants were given information about the paper making process and then were able to utilize several techniques to create images on hand-made paper.  Many attendees encouraged Meredith and Rachel to propose to present this topic at the National level.