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FSU-ATA 2017-2018 Elections

Published March 31, 2017

FSU Art Therapy Association (FSU-ATA) 

2017-2018 Officer Election Results



President: Amanda Schattie

I am excited and honored to accept the responsibility of FSU ATA President for the year 2017-2018. I feel very lucky to be serving as president alongside this group of driven, compassionate, and hardworking art therapy graduate students. As president, I will continue the work of previous FSU ATA presidents by promoting the values of the American Art Therapy Association as well as those of Florida State University. I will continue to move our organization forward through community outreach and advocacy alongside an amazing team of my peers, faculty, and the community.



Vice President: Elissa Pizzutto

It’s such a blessing to have been given this position to serve our community and advocate for the field of art therapy amongst my dear friends and colleagues. Thank you for the opportunity, I look forward seeing where ATA takes us!





Secretary: Drea Kelley

Although I did not originally set out to obtain a role in the FSU AATA, I am honored to be named secretary of AATA for the 2017-2018 year. I look forward to assisting the president and vice president in whatever capacity I can for the duration of my time in this office. Furthermore, I hope to be as prepared and organized as needed to assist in the smooth running of AATA. Again, I am honored and look forward to working with the other newly elected members of AATA.



Treasurer: Maggi Horseman

I’m happy to put my accounting skills to work for the association. Thank you.






Historian: Celeen Robertson

I am honored to serve FSU ATA by taking on the role of art historian. I plan to continue connecting past members and other alumni with the current program and happenings. I will also facilitate the closer connection of current members with alumni via linked-in and other participation opportunities. I plan to continue to document the progress of the association and archive memories that I hope will be cherished long after we have left the program.




Community Service Coordinator: Rachel Francis







1st/2nd Year Liaisons 

Public Relations Coordinators: Kelly Moore & Hannah Stinson

We look forward to welcoming the class of 2019 into our program and the community. We are so excited to get to know each of them and foster a bond between our cohort and the next.

We are looking forward to using this position to showcase the great things FSU ATA is doing with and around the Tallahassee community.



Self Care: Meg Beerse

I am both honored and excited to oversee Self-Care for the members of FSU’s Art Therapy Association. It is essential to our clients, ourselves, and our practice.





Fundraising Chairs: Jordyn Dooley (Art) & Elise Roche (Merchandise)


I’m excited to collaborate with Elise Roche to find innovative and effective ways of both raising funds and spreading awareness about our program.

– Jordyn Dooley




I am excited to bring fresh ideas and designs to the merchandise that represents the FSU Art Therapy Association and what we’re about.

– Elise Roche






Conference Coordinators: Elise Roche & Brittany Floyd


We are beyond excited to represent FSU art therapy at the conference this year and show off all of the good this organization is doing in the community.

– Elise Roche

I am excited to work with everyone in this new chapter of FSU ATA.

– Brittany Floyd


Florida Art Therapy Association (FATA) Liason: Jordyn Dooley

I look forward to better understanding the state’s current relationship and attitudes towards art therapy and to do my part in enhancing the relationship between our program and the Florida Art Therapy Association.





Multicultural Chairs:
 Michelle Torrech Pérez & Angela Patricia Quintero

I am honored to share the role of multicultural chair in FSU-ATA with Angela. Believing in the importance of multicultural competency within the art therapy field, my goal is to search, identify, and provide information, news, opportunities, and events related to multiculturalism to FSU-ATA members. It is my vision that such resources will enhance the development of cultural awareness, knowledge, and skill that defines a multiculturally competent field, further benefitting an increasingly diverse society.

– Michelle Torrech Pérez

I am very grateful and excited for the opportunity. My goal is to bridge the gap between our community, mental health, art therapy and the multiculturalism that makes up the world around us. Thus one aspect I aim to achieve is to partner with the community and other organizations to educate the public about what art therapy is, its benefits on wellbeing, healthy living, and mental health. As well as to be able to contribute to the field of art therapy to become more multicultural competent.

– Angela Patricia