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FSU-ATA Students Visit La Feria Latina

Published October 20, 2017
On October 7th, art therapy students from the FSU Art Therapy Association (FSU-ATA) took part in La Feria Latina , or “The Latino Fair,” in Lake Park, Georgia. Their project was aimed for individuals of any age to have a space to express themselves and sense of community through art.

The FSU-ATA art therapy students provided a safe and welcoming environment in which community members of all ages came together to contribute in a community mural project as well as create artwork for themselves and loved ones. More specifically, participants created mixed-media paper tiles to be added to a student-made mural, which spelled the word Unidos!, or “United!” to emphasize the community at the site. Each person could add their artwork on top of the letters, transforming the initial appearance to a multicolored, mixed-media collective mural. Furthermore, the participants also had the opportunity to create mixed-media paper-puppets to take home with them or to be added to the mural.

The FSU-ATA art therapy students would like to thank the community in Lake Park for their hospitality and their time. They would also like to thank the FSU Department of Family & Child Sciences for inviting them to take part in this incredible event!