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Professor Jeff Broome Publishes Book Chapter in New Volume on Culturally Sensitivity Art Education

Published June 23, 2016

Culturally Sensitive Art Education in a Global World: A Handbook for TeachersDr. Jeff Broome, associate professor and director of the doctoral program in art education at FSU, recently published a chapter in a newly edited book titled “Culturally Sensitive Art Education in a Global World: A Handbook for Teachers.”  The book is published by the National Art Education Association (NAEA), and is edited by Marjorie Cohee Manifold, Enid Zimmerman and FSU alumnus Steve Willis.

Culturally sensitive art education has the ability to promote empathy for others within students. This handbook serves as a source of useful models for art educators to teach art to students from diverse populations in a culturally sensitive way.

According to Dr. Rita L. Irwin, Professor and Associate Dean of Teacher Education at The University of British Columbia and past president of InSEA, “This remarkable book is an intricate cartography of culturally sensitive pedagogies, images, and art practices; it illustrates for arts educators worldwide how to embrace, create, question, and critique traditional and contemporary perspectives of culture.”

Dr. Broome’s chapter is titled “Art Education with Migrant Hispanic Populations in Multi-age Elementary Classrooms: Instructional Strategies Learned from Practice. It largely focuses on his experiences teaching art for eight years at an elementary school located within a predominantly migrant Mexican-American community in rural central Florida.   

The department invites you to purchase a copy of the handbook and explore the inner workings of culturally sensitive art education.