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2013 Florida Art Education Association Conference: Follow up with FSU Alumni and Current Student Presenters

Published October 7, 2013

Florida State University’s Art Education department will be well represented at this year’s Florida Art Education Association Conference with seven presentations by alumni and current students. The 2013 Conference will take place in Daytona Beach from October 10-13.


Florida Art Education Association

Adriane Pereira will be giving two presentations this year. She will speak from her nine years of experience in the high school art classroom and her doctoral studies, which seek to understand the critical thinking and creative processes of students in a learner-directed high school art class. This presentation will focus specifically on “developing interview methods based on student artwork and researcher elicited photographs.” She will also discuss the use of photographic documentation to encourage reflection on the artistic process. This presentation will also be given at the National Art Education Association Conference and will include student artwork from the Florida State University School.


Dr. Nicole Crane will be co-presenting on local student art exhibitions, discussing the process and benefits of displaying student art knowledge and skills through community exhibitions.


Sonia McDowell will be leading a workshop at the conference on the tradition of making ceramic face jugs. She will discuss the importance of their history in African American Folk Art and how art teachers can carry on this tradition in the classroom. The lecture will include an interactive hand-building experience.


Michelle Hartsfield will present with four other teachers about a project using art, music, and poetry to study the Holocaust. This multi-disciplinary approach allowed students to further explore history and examine what it means to be a responsible citizen. As a culmination of their project, the students had a showcase of their work and heard from a Holocaust survivor and artist.


Bonnie Bernau is also presenting about social studies and art. She will discuss her work in museum education and community outreach. She will share replication suggestions of her successful 7-year community outreach model of museum education that meets state standards for social studies and art.


Judith Worley will discuss the benefits of using technology in the art classroom. Specifically, she will offer the Dojo App as a solution to collecting and tracking student data. She will explain in detail how to customize the app for each classroom and how to create student-designed avatars.


Finally, Dr. Marcia Meale will present on the process of creating a bronze sculpture with elementary school art students and a local artist. She will explain the procedure from building the armature to creating the final sculpture.


We are very proud of our alumni and their research and work in the classroom! Please share your news: