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Tallahassee Democrat Highlights Art Education Mural Project

Published February 21, 2013
Florida State University graduate students Brittany Javins, Laurie Tabachnick and Frances Morris pose in front of the mural that they spearheaded for Seven Days of Opening Nights. / Ariel Backer/FSView

Florida State University graduate students Frances Morris, Brittany Javins and Laurie Tabachnick have always been involved with the arts. When they were younger, the girls dabbled in dancing, theatre and playing instruments—even doodling and painting. Who would have thought that years later, the girls would spearhead an entire mural project that would represent their university and the entire Tallahassee community?For 12 days, from Thursday, Feb. 7 through Monday, Feb. 18, their 7 Days of Opening Nights mural project was set in motion.

The objective of the event was to bring FSU and the Tallahassee community together in a gigantic, vivid mural.“It’s one part of the festival that is actually bringing the festival into the community, which is pretty cool,” second year arts administration graduate student Tabachnick said. “Anyone can come paint and it’s really a free-for-all for anyone who wants to make their mark on Tallahassee.”Now in its third year, the mural project is a collaboration with the city of Tallahassee and FSU’s Art Education Department, and the piece represents a celebration of the arts and community within the city. The first mural, located on the corner of Gaines Street and Railroad Avenue, was a Master’s of Art Administration student’s final project.

To view the mural yourself, walk over to Tennessee Street behind Target copy!