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The Tenth International Conference on The Inclusive Museum – Recap

Published October 13, 2017
FSU Department of Art Education MEX and Arts Administration faculty and current students attended the Tenth International Conference on the Inclusive Museum, held on September 15th to the 17th, 2017, at the Manchester Museum in Manchester, UK. Several faculty presented at the conference and a student received a Graduate Scholar Award.

The International Conference on the Inclusive Museum, created and hosted by the Inclusive Museum Knowledge Community, features emerging scholars and leaders in the museum field from a wide range of disciplines and from all over the world. It allows attendees to share their disciplinary focus, explore main field concerns and topics, and build connections with fellow conference participants. The conference emphasizes on addressing the ways museums can be inclusive, their function as a result of current social change, and their potential of being catalysts for further change. The Tenth International Conference on the Inclusive Museum specially focused on Diaspora, Integration, and Museums.


Conference Presentations

The Department proudly shares that, in this year’s International Conference on the Inclusive Museum, FSU Arts Administration and Museum Education and Visitor-Centered Exhibitions (MEX) faculty provided presentations for conference attendees. More specifically, FSU Department’s Dr. Pat Villeneuve, Professor and Director of Arts Administration, and Dr. Ann Rowson Love, MEX Assistant Professor and Ringling Museum Liaison lead two panel presentations featuring the following books:


Systems Thinking in Museums: Theory and Practice.

Jung, Y., Love, A. R., Villeneuve, P., Vakharia, N., Duncan, T. (2017, September).

While Dr. Villeneuve and Arts Administration doctoral student Juyeon Song co-authored a chapter, MEX Doctoral student Susan Mannand MEX Doctoral candidate Victoria Eudy also authored chapters. MEX Masters alumni Morgan Szymanski was also a co-author as well as editorial assistant for the book.


Visitor-Centered Exhibitions and Edu-Curation: Pathway to Inclusion.

Villeneuve, P., Love, A. R., Boda, J. J., & Pegno, M. (2017, September).

MEX doctoral candidate Jay Boda and Arts Administration doctoral candidate Alicia Viera both co-authored chapters. Jay Boda also presented along with Dr. Rowson Love and Dr. Villeneuve on the panel presentation concerning the book.



Additionally, MEX Doctoral candidate Sarah Graves was also scheduled to present but was unable to attend because of Hurricane Irma.

2017 Graduate Scholar Award Recipient

Graduate Scholar Awards are given to exceptional graduate students who actively contribute to topics and discussions highlighted at each International Conference on the Inclusive Museum. For this year’s conference, MEX Doctoral student John Jay Boda received a 2017 Graduate Scholar Award. He was editorial assistant and a chapter co-author for the recently published book that Dr. Rowson Love and Dr. Villeneuve co-edited.

When asked to comment about the received recognition and his experience at the Tenth International Conference on the Inclusive Museum, Jay Boda stated the following:


The International Conference for the Inclusive Museum (IM) completely focuses on research into social justice and making museums more relevant to their communities. Being recognized as one of the conference’s Emerging Scholars meant a tremendous amount to me. The award shows the department’s Art for Life lessons and philosophy have become my own. Attendees from across the globe marveled about how many Florida State students, alumni, and faculty were in attendance. I wasn’t surprised. The conference’s values align with our department’s: internationalism, interdisciplinarity, inclusiveness, and interaction — a recipe for success.


The Department proudly congratulates Jay for this outstanding achievement!

Upcoming Conference on the Inclusive Museum

Dr. Villeneuve, Dr. Rowson Love, and Jay Boda have attended multiple Inclusive Museum conferences. International Conferences on the Inclusive Museum perfectly and consistently align with the feminist systems orientation of the FSU Department of Art Education MEX program, including its mission to prepare edu-curators to advance museum theory and practice through taking visitor-centered roles in museums and participating in thoughtful scholarship.


Next year, they will be traveling to Granada, Spain, for the Eleventh International Conference on the Inclusive Museum!