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#tumblingbodies #academiccartographies

Published February 24, 2016
#tumblingbodies #academiccartographies


The gallery in the William Johnston Building is now showing the exhibition #tumblingbodies #academiccartographies! The exhibition was recently curated by FSU art education professor, Dr. Sara Scott Shields and will be open Monday through Thursday from 12-4pm (for other times email  The project is the culminating effort of a nearly two year long collaboration between Dr. Sara Scott Shields (FSU), Dr. Brooke Hofsess (ASU), Dr. Gloria Wilson (MTSU), and Dr. Kelly Guyotte (UA).  Their inquiry engages the question: How do we, a diverse collective of female, tenure-track assistant professors, map our movements individually, collectively, and aesthetically through academic spaces. Within this inquiry, the arts emerged as a viable means of challenging what representation means and how researchers might both live in/with, and make sense of, their inquiries.


The ladies’ shared experiences as graduates of the University of Georgia’s doctoral program in Art Education, K-12 educators and tenure faculty members, unites their research explorations and interconnects their epistemological, ontological, and methodological movements. For this exhibition, they turned to arts-based modes of representation to help fully realize the creative potential of their narratives. Their research draws upon two distinct but complementary qualitative methodological approaches: collaborative (collective) autoethnography and arts-based research. Through their arts informed and multi-voiced methodological approach to collaborative research, ambiguous perspectives of cultural experiences, diverse expressions and understandings of “the body”, and a re-imagined potential for representation within shared scholarship formed.


#tumblingbodies #academiccartographies

Dr. Brooke Hofsess

Dr. Brooke Hofsess is an Assistant Professor of Art Education at Appalachian State University. She received her MA in Art & Art Education from Teachers College, Columbia University and her PhD in Art Education from the University of Georgia. Her professional experience includes teaching art across elementary, middle and high school grade levels, and for various community arts programs. She poetically inquires about teacher education and renewal through  arts-based approaches to qualitative research methodologies.


#tumblingbodies #academiccartographies

Dr. Gloria Wilson

Dr. Gloria Wilson is an Assistant Professor of Art Education at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU). She received her BS and MEd in Art Education from the University of South Alabama and her PhD in Art Education from the University of Georgia. She taught middle and high school art in both inner city and rural environments in Alabama and Virginia. Her research is committed to addressing the social and political role of (aesthetic) culture, in order to effect social transformation with an emphasis on exploring the intersections of race and arts participation.


#tumblingbodies #academiccartographies

Dr. Kelly Guyotte

Dr. Kelly Guyotte is an Assistant Professor of Qualitative Research at the University of Alabama. She received her BFA, Masters, and PhD in Art Education from the University of Georgia. Prior to returning to school in pursuit of her doctoral degree, Kelly was a high school visual arts teacher for five years in an Atlanta, Georgia, suburb. Her current research focuses on arts and learning, STEAM education, artful pedagogies, and methodological approaches such as visual-verbal narrative analysis, collaborative autoethnographies, and arts-based research.


#tumblingbodies #academiccartographies

Dr. Sara Scott Shields

Dr. Sara Scott Shields is an Assistant Professor of Art Education at the Florida State University. She received her BFA in Ceramics and Art Education and MaED in Art Education from East Carolina University and later received her PhD in Art Education from the University of Georgia. Before working as an Assistant Professor, she worked for six years in Wilmington, NC. Her current work explores the development of teacher/researcher/artist identity through arts informed methodologies.


In addition to their current exhibition #tumblingbodies #academiccartographies, Dr. Brooke Hofsess, Dr. Gloria Wilson, Dr. Kelly Guyotte, and Dr. Sara Scott Shields are furthering their research interests by composing papers focused on the central concepts of the exhibition, such as cartography, experiences of women in academia, and arts-based research. Look forward to another collaboration from these ladies in their next exhibition held at MTSU.