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Welcome, Visiting Professor Dr. Li Guo!

Published July 31, 2014
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Welcome, Visiting Professor Dr. Li Guo

The Department of Art Education proudly welcomes the arrival of visiting professor Dr. Li Guo!

Dr. Guo, or Guoli as she prefers to be addressed, is currently an Assistant Professor at the Fine Art College of Gannan Normal University in the Jiangxi Province of China and will be traveling to Tallahassee with the help of the Chinese Government Scholarship to work and study as an exchange student at Florida State University. While at FSU, Guoli will work closely with Dr. Pat Villeneuve to explore research related to art and museum education.

Guoli received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Education from Yueyang Normal University in 1998. Following her undergraduate experience, Guoli continued her education through acquisition of a Masters degree in Fine Arts from the Hunan Normal University in 2006. During this time, she focused the bulk of her research in developing a thesis entitled “Study of Lin Fengmian’s Thoughts on Art Education.”

Her research interests include “developing aesthetic understanding through art museum visits, the relationship between museum exhibits and history, and the teachers role in the education of art museums.”

In addition to her current employment teaching at the Fine Art College of Gannan Normal University, Guoli has taught Children’s fine arts education, and arts education at Hunan province, and Hunan First Normal College, respectively.

GuoliShe is well –versed in art education research, and has published several articles about art, art education, cultural studies, and communication. Her most recently published articles were written in 2012 and can be found under the following titles: “A Historical Explanation of Social maintenance – Inheritance and Change of Donghe Drama in Southern Jiangxi” (2012) and “Quantitative Analysis of a Study on Gannan Hakka Music from 1980 to 2010 (2012). In her free time, Guoli enjoys creating her own artwork have has won several awards commemorating her dynamic pieces.