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wjbThe Department of Art Education offers two types of graduate assistantships that provide financial support and career enhancing skills.

Types of Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships (GA’s) are usually graduate students hired to work in the department based on their specialty skill(s). The assignment of a graduate student selected for a GA is determined by their Grade Point Average, work experience, writing ability, and research skills. GA’s may receive a position in the following areas: Art & Design Library in William Johnston Building, social media team, Opening Nights Mural Project, departmental newsletter, or personal research assistant to a Professor. These assignments are subject to change.

IMG_3579The department also offers Graduate Teaching Assistantships (TA’s) when needed. These assistantships are only offered to PhD candidates with previous teaching experience.

Graduate Assistantship Facts

Appointment Term

Positions in the Department of Art Education are for 9-months, which lasts throughout the fall and spring academic school year. For the Fall 2016 semester, the appointment term begins August 29, 2016 and ends December 16, 2016. Assistantships always begin the day classes start and end the last day of finals week. Summer assistantships are not offered.

Renewal of AppointmentGraduate Assistant

Positions can be renewed, pending funding, if job responsibilities were met. Low academic standing and poor work ethic can contribute to a graduate student’s ineligibility for renewal.


Admitted graduate students pursuing a masters or doctoral degree in any of the four programs within the department, which include Art Education, Art Therapy, Arts Administration, and Museum Education and Visitor-Centered Exhibitions (MEX), are eligible to apply for an assistantship.

PhD candidates interested in a Graduate Teaching Assistantship must submit a resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV), have teaching experience in K-12 schools or equivalent, and a masters degree in their field.

AvailabilityDedication for the reopening of the William H. Johnston Building.

Assistantships are competitive. The number of funded positions vary from year to year.

Health Insurance

All students are responsible for acquiring health insurance and must submit a health compliance and immunization form. Students have the option to purchase the FSU student health insurance plan or to waive the requirement if they already have their own health insurance.

Graduate assistants are eligible for a Health Insurance Subsidy Benefit, which applies toward the cost of their University purchased health insurance plan.


Students interested in a graduate assistantship are required to enroll in a minimum of 9 credit hours for both the Fall and Spring semesters. Assistantships only cover 9 credit hours of tuition for students classified as either in or out-of-state. Funding for any additional credit hours and fees are the responsibility of the student each semester.

  • In state Fees (9 credits): $682.29/semester
  • Out-of-state Fees (9 credits): $952.82/semester

Programs within the department have academic maps that detail course sequences and the corresponding credit hours a student is required to take each semester. Depending on the program, this may be higher than 9 credit hours.


Assistantships offer masters students a stipend of $4,300 and doctoral students $8,250 for an academic year.

Application Process

Completed assistantship applications and regular graduate applications are due by the fall enrollment deadline for a student’s program. This  deadline date varies for each department program.

  • Art Education Program – March 1st
  • Art Therapy Program – January 15th
  • Arts Administration Program – March 1st
  • Museum Education & Exhibitions (MEX) Program – March 1st

Assistantship applications may be sent via regular mail or e-mail to Susan Messersmith, the Graduate Admissions Officer.


Susan Messersmith
Florida State University
1032 William Johnston Building
Tallahassee, FL 32306


Telephone: 850-644-5473

Additional Funding Sources

For additional financial support, view information on funding and awards provided by the FSU Graduate School.