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Arts Administration

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10 Reasons FSU’s Arts Administration Program is Right for You!

Arts Administration Alumni: Life After Graduate School

Our Mission

The Arts Administration program in the Department of Art Education educates aspiring arts and cultural leaders about the theory and practice of socially responsible arts administration.

 Fall Enrollment Deadline

  • Arts Administration Program -February 1st

Spring Enrollment Deadline

  • Arts Administration Program – October 1st

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Dr. Pat Villeneuve directs the Arts Administration and the Museum Education & Visitor-Centered Exhibitions program and advises all doctoral students in the Department of Art Education.

Dr. Antonio C. Cuyler is an Assistant Professor who advises and coordinates internships for all Master’s students in the Arts Administration program. 

Master’s Degree Program of Study

Our Masters Program Curriculum is a 39 credit hour program culminating in a final Comprehensive Exam. The program coursework is divided between four sections.

Master’s Core Requirements:

  • ARE 5245 Curriculum and Programs
  • ARE 5641 Critical Analysis
  • ARE 5705 Research Survey

Arts Administration Requirements:

  • ARE 5253 Arts in Community Engagement
  • ARE 5262 Principles of Arts Administration
  • ARE 5665 Leading the Arts Organization
  • ARE 5865 Cultural Policy

Management/Finance coursework:


  • ARE 5944 Internship

Masters Program Student Handbook

For more information about the masters program, please contact Dr. Antonio C. Cuyler, at

Doctoral Degree Program of Study

For the doctoral degree program, the student may choose a concentration in art education, arts administration, or art therapy. With the major professor, the doctoral student will plan a program of studies designed to use strengths, make up deficiencies, and provide knowledge required for the accomplishment of original research. A minimum of 30 semester hours of course work beyond the master’s degree and exclusive of the hours earned in dissertation credit is required. (See section of Doctoral Degree Programs, in the University Bulletin for important detailed information about general regulations.)

All doctoral students in the Department of Art Education must include in their programs of study:

  • ARE 6937 Structure in Art Education (Philosophical Foundations),
  • ARE 6937 Social Foundations,
  • ARE 6380 Teaching and Learning (Psychological Foundations).

Additional concentration requirements vary by area.

Research method requirements. Students are offered several options for meeting research method requirements and the student and his/her supervisory committee decide what courses best suit individual needs. A minimum of 12 hours of research methods is required including: ARE 5745 Research Survey and a qualitative research methods class of choice. Doctoral students must also take a four-hour statistics course (EDF 5400 is recommended).

Related coursework. Coursework should be pursued within and outside the department, in related areas including curriculum, philosophy, psychology, history, administration, assessment, and others, as appropriate to their programs of study.

Students should plan this portion of their programs with their committee chair and members. Students with assistantships need to plan ahead to avoid taking more than one course outside the college each semester.

For more information about the doctoral program, please view the Doctoral Handbook.