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With over a 70 year history, the Department of Art Education believes in the intrinsic value of art as a catalyst for social change. Not only can art promote the development of the individual but serves to enrich and enliven the world around us. As a comprehensive education and research program, we only offer graduate level degrees. We find this provides a rigorous and individualized learning experience as students work towards one of our 9 specialized degree options.

The Graduate Programs

Art Education: equips graduates for both formal and informal educational environments. Through research into visual and cultural literacies we prepare students to be leaders in the field. 

  • MS in Art Education (non-certification) – 100% online 
  • MS in Art Education (certification) 
  • Combined BA/MS in Art Education (certification)
  • Phd – Art Education concentration

Art Therapy: promotes art therapy as a means of reconciling conflicts, fostering self-awareness, facilitating personal development, and to expand knowledge of special and clinical populations.

  • MS in Art Therapy
  • PhD – Art Therapy concentration

Arts Administration: is designed to educate aspiring arts and cultural leaders about the theory and practice of socially responsible arts administration.

  • MA in Arts Administration
  • PhD – Arts Administration concentration

Museum Education and Visitor-Centered Exhibitions (MEX): consists of specialized innovative training for aspiring museum educators, with a focus on visitor-centered exhibitions.

  • MA in Museum Education and Visitor-Centered Exhibitions (MEX)
  • PhD – MEX concentration

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