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Add these Recent Publications from FSU Department of Art Education Faculty to Your 2024 Reading List

Published January 15, 2024

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The past year has been a big year for publications from Florida State University’s Department of Art Education. Learn more about these new books and published research from our faculty and where you can read them below:

Arts Administration

Dr. Wen Guo, along with co-authors Jacqueline McLaughlin, Danielle Lake, Elizabeth Chen, McKenna Knock, and Steve Knotek, recently published an article, titled “Faculty Experiences and Motivations in Design Thinking Teaching and Learning,” in Frontiers in Education. This study explores the teaching of Design Thinking (DT) in higher education and its impact. Overall, the study highlights that faculty view DT as valuable for developing social innovation skills in students, offering insights for institutions interested in promoting DT in higher education.

Art Education

Dr. Sara Scott Shields and Dr. Rachel Fendler recently published a new book with Routledge, titled “Developing a Curriculum Model for Civically Engaged Art Education: Engaging Youth Through Artistic Research.” In this book, Shields and Fendler explore art as a means of inspiring youth civic engagement and draw on research conducted with young people in the U.S. to develop a unique curriculum model for civically engaged art education.

Likewise, Dr. Jeff Broome and Dr. Renee Sandell (George Mason University) recently published their book, “Real Lives Now: Narratives of Art Educators and 21st-Century Learning,” which showcases stories and day-to-day lives of contemporary art teachers who have a particular set of problems and opportunities within a particular locale, community, and educational environment.

Art Therapy

Dr. Parker-Bell celebrated the publication of her new book, co-authored with Dr. Debra Osborn, “Art Therapy and Career Counseling: Creative Strategies for Career Development Across the Lifespan(Routledge). The book provides comprehensive overview of career development theories and practices and demonstrates how art therapy approaches can be effectively integrated with ethically informed career development strategies.

Dr. Nancy Gerber published her most recent book, “Imagination and Arts-Based Practices for Integration in Research(Routledge). In it, Gerber explores the philosophical assumptions, defining concepts, and methodological issues related to the introduction of intentional imaginative mental processes and arts-based practices into some or all phases of investigation and data integration of particular research approaches.

Dr. David Gussak published his most recent book, “The Frenzied Dance of Art and Violence.” In it, Gussak provides a fresh perspective on the intricate relationship between art and violence by examining the psychological, sociological, and criminological dynamics at play. Gussak guides readers through the psychological analysis of violence’s role in the art-making process while also providing insights from his decades of professional experience in art therapy for the incarcerated.

Museum Education

Dr. Pat Villeneuve and Dr. Ann Rowson Love recently edited an exciting new book from Rowman & Littlefield, titled “Dimensions of Curation: Considering Competing Values for Intentional Exhibition Practices.” The book aims to assist curators worldwide in understanding their museum’s exhibitions and making deliberate choices for future curatorial work with practical examples provided for each aspect of the curatorial model.

Dr. Rowson Love also published a book with Dr. Deborah Randolph, “An Introductory Guide to Qualitative Research in Art Museums.” This book is a practice-based guide that is designed to introduce qualitative research to established and upcoming museum professionals and increase their confidence to conduct this type of research. Highlighting the work of researchers studying museums around the world, the book begins by explaining why there is a need for qualitative research in museums.

Finally, students enrolled in Visitor-Centered Exhibitions designed an exhibition, titled “Choose Your Own Adventure” that was displayed in the William Johnson Building Gallery during September. This exhibition highlighted the importance of children’s literature and featured titles from @fsulibraries Special Collections & Archives’ Marsha Gontarski Children’s Literature Collection.