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Art Therapy Program Scholarship Awards

Published July 14, 2021

The Graduate Art Therapy Program in the Department of Art Education at Florida State University is pleased to be able to award two scholarships to our rising second year students in the 2021/2022 Academic Year. The two scholarships are The Marcia Rosal Scholarship for Art Therapy created by one of our esteemed colleagues who was the developer and Program Director of the Art Therapy program as well as former Chair of the Department of Art Education.  This award was created to support the advancement of Art Therapy at FSU, through contributing to its students.  The Frances E. Anderson Scholarship was designed to offer students financial support and relief as they pursue their art therapy graduate studies.  Dr. Anderson has been a long-time donor and advocate for the Art Therapy Program at FSU. We havethree recipients of the Frances E. Anderson Scholarship: Hannah Hicks, Anna Proia, and Devyn Raulerson. The recipient of the Marcia Rosal Scholarship for Art Therapy is Laura Lozano.



Devyn Raulerson

I want to provide my deepest gratitude to Dr. Frances E. Anderson for allowing us the opportunity to receive the Frances E. Anderson Award. Although I feel very privileged being an art therapy graduate student at Florida State University, I recognize and have personally experienced the financial burdens which often occur for collegiate students. Receiving this scholarship has not only helped alleviate this stress but has allowed me to focus on my studies and future art therapist identity.


Laura Lozano

I am extremely grateful and honored to have been one of the recipients for the Marcia L. Rosal Scholarship for Art Therapy in this upcoming academic year. As a first generation student, this scholarship signifies the opportunity to continue to pursue my professional development as an art therapist in this country that was once foreign to my family. Not only does it relieve some of the financial stressors that come with being a full time graduate student, but it allows me to feel supported by Florida State University, by the Department of Education, and especially by the Art Therapy program here. For these reasons, I would like to thank once again, Dr. Marcia L. Rosal, although never personally meeting, for gifting me with this scholarship- which means more than words can describe. Truly, I am eternally grateful.


Anna Proia

I am incredibly honored and grateful to be receiving the Frances E Anderson scholarship. This scholarship means so much to me, as it shows how much my hard work has paid off. I have worked diligently to get to where I am today, and I am very thankful for all the people who have supported me on my journey. Although I still have much to learn, this scholarship will help me to afford the resources I need to succeed in the program. Thank you so much to those who contributed to this award, as it helps me to continue pursuing my passion. With this scholarship, I will continue to pursue my education in art therapy and use my skills to help those who are also in need of support. I hope to one day use my skills and resources to assist marginalized individuals who are impacted by mental illness, and provide them with options to help navigate the obstacles in their lives. As I continue to develop my identity as an art therapist, I aim to learn as much as I can and find new ways to connect with people from all over.