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Associate Professor Jeff Broome Guides Art21 Staff Through “Listening Tour”

Published August 25, 2023

Associate Professor Jeff Broome

Art21 recently invited educator Jeff Broome, Ph.D., to lead their staff through an internal professional development series called a “Listening Tour.” Jeff Broome works both as an associate professor and the director of doctoral programming for FSU’s Department of Art Education. He conducts research focusing on practical suggestions and resources for K-12 art teachers. His presentations, which span universities across the United States and discuss topics relevant to art teachers, precede his collaboration with Art21.  

Art21 is an NYC-based non-profit that aims to educate people on contemporary art and make it more accessible. They produce documentary films, public programs, and resources. These resources are provided to educators and students to expand their education through the lens of contemporary artists. Their website contains a “read” section with publications that detail works by featured artists, in addition to interviews with artists to further the connection between artist and viewer. Most notably, their PBS series “Art in the Twenty-First Century” has aired since 2001.  

In guiding Art21’s staff through a “Listening Tour,” Broome used an educator’s perspective to provide practical solutions to a group of art professionals. Their collaboration shows the connection that the Art Education department has forged with the art world. Our faculty and staff have worked towards accessibility in art education nationwide.   

To learn more about where Jeff Broome’s work has been featured, visit