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FSU Art Therapy Alum Shines!

Published March 19, 2021

Emi Heck, M.S., LGPC, graduated  from Florida State University’s art therapy program in August of 2020. Since graduation, Emi has relocated back to her home state of Maryland. Emi currently works as a mental health therapist in Baltimore, Maryland. Her art therapy work is with a variety of clinical populations, including children and adolescents who struggle with behavioral and mood disorders and adults suffering from trauma.

Emi has continued to share her passion for art therapy with others. In December 2020, Emi presented at her first art therapy conference. In her presentation,  entitled “Get Your Art Game On! Student-Athletes and the El Duende Painting Process”  Emi discussed the impact of COVID-19 on student-athletes and how an art therapy intervention addressed their psychological needs during the time of the pandemic.


In perpetuating her interest in art therapy for athletes, Emi has  complemented her  art therapy practice with a focus on   sports psychology. To this end, Emi has joined a research team, led by a local sport psychologist in Maryland, exploring  the retirement and life experiences of elite athletes transitioning out of sport. Furthermore,  Emi is presenting at the 7th Annual Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) Northeast Regional Conference this March about the intersection of art therapy and sport psychology. The Art Therapy Program at Florida State University is pleased to recognize the accomplishments, innovative intersections, and applications of art therapy from new alum, Emi Heck!