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Journal of Art for Life (JAfL)

Journal of Art for Life

The Journal of Art for Life (JAfL) is an international, refereed journal focused on art education, museum education, art therapy, and arts administration in authentic, real-world contexts toward the goal of social progress through the arts.  The journal is based on the instrumentalist premise that art has the power and potential to reflect and enhance the conditions of human experience. Through scholarly articles, the journal is an instrument for communicating the avenues by which the various forms of art intertwine and impact society and social justice.

Focus and Scope

The Journal of Art for Life (JAfL) accepts articles that are theoretical, research-based, art-based and those that address the practical applications of art for life in educational, therapeutic, and other institutional contexts, including museums. We seek social criticism related to art, art and museum education, arts administration and art therapy; inquiry into potential areas of exploration regarding art in society, especially focused on social justice and other crucial issues; psychological perspectives, including therapeutic programs which emphasize arts interventions; and investigations into possible roles for arts institutions as cultural organizations that benefit people’s lives. We also seek practical applications, strategies, and position papers about art and its relationship to the enhancement of life for individuals and the societies in which we live, in art education, art therapy and arts administration contexts.  The Journal of Art for Life encourages authors to consider employing a wide range of alternative and novel approaches, including artful, narrative, photographic, and experimental representations in both the article and art-based submission sections.  Questions about submissions may be directed to the Editors.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.


Authors will be notified of the receipt of the manuscript. After an initial review by the editors, those manuscripts that meet specifications will be sent to reviewers. Authors are also notified if manuscripts are judged not to be appropriate for review. Manuscripts are subject to review by members of the professional journal committee, editorial reviewers, and the editor. The journal editor reserves the right to make editorial changes.

For archived publications, to contact the Senior Editor, Ann Rowson Love, for call for papers deadlines, or to submit your manuscript please visit:

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