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About the Program: The Art Education program equips graduates for both formal and informal educational environments. Our dedicated faculty members have a range of educational experience in visual and cultural literacies, covering elementary, secondary, museum, and informal learning environments. Our program provides a rigorous and individualized learning experience as students work towards one of our 4 specialized degree options. With over a 70 year history, we believe in the intrinsic value of art as a catalyst for social change. Similarly, we understand art education as an ACTion, or doing Art education in Critical Times (ACT)

About ACT: Art education in Critical Times enACTs and interACTs, while taking a proACTive approach to reciprocal learning. Our work in art education extends beyond FSU to prioritize relationships, community, and collaboration. As our contribution to Art Education in Critical Times, we offer a shared repository of resources that includes work from our faculty, students, and graduates. This is meant to be used by teachers, curriculum designers, and anyone interested in the critical role the arts play in educational settings. The purpose of ACT is to help educators bring forward ACTive curriculum that holds central not just art's ability to promote the development of the individual, but also serves to enrich and enliven the world around us.

BA / MS in Art Education w/ Teacher Certification Direct-Entry Pathway

The primary mission of the 5 year direct-entry pathway is to prepare art teachers for public and private school service, who posses knowledge and skills in the arts, advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in art education and understanding of the roles of education within wider contexts of culture and society. Completion of this direct-entry pathway results in a BA in Fine Arts and an MS in Art Education with Certification.

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MS in Art Education

The MS in Art Education degree with or without teacher certification provides comprehensive knowledge and skills in formal education systems. Students in this option are integrated into the track of students who are already progressing through the 5-year combined degree program. If seeking certification, requirements are incorporated into individual programs of study to make the candidate eligible for K-12 certification in art in the State of Florida.

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Online MS in Art Education

Our online degree provides comprehensive knowledge and prepares students to undertake research in the field of art education. It focuses primarily on social justice art education. This master’s does not provide certification, and is suitable for certified teachers, community or museum art educators, or educators pursuing an alternative track toward certification. The online program is taught by faculty members and provides the rigor of a Florida State University graduate program.

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PhD or EdD in Art Education

The PhD or EdD program in Art Education encourages students to make contributions to knowledge related to art education in formal and informal learning communities. Students are supported in their efforts to investigate and advance understanding related innovative applications of art education research topics based on individual student interests. Many degree recipients of the doctoral degree are now faculty in colleges and universities throughout the US, leading and serving the profession of art education in meaningful ways.

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