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First-Year Student Insights on the Fall 2017 Semester

Published October 16, 2017

The FSU Department of Art Education fosters a student-centered environment and would like to provide some insights from first-year students on the Fall 2017 semester.


Where the first couple of weeks were a breeze, Hurricane Irma’s tropical force winds and flooding rain impeded smooth transition into the FSU school setting. Nevertheless,  FSU Department of Art Education first-year Masters and Doctoral students have indeed prevailed, now nearing the midway point of their first semester in their respective programs. With some graduate school experience under their belt, the first-year students share some of their insights on the Fall 2017 semester so far:



“After the first few weeks of classes I know I have made the best choice. I look forward to my classes and the discussions that take place in them the most. It has only been five weeks and I am already learning more than I ever thought I would. When you are pursuing your dream career, every day is a joy.”

Anna Ewing 

Art Administration MA



“I am incredibly grateful for the support of the faculty… When I am tempted to feel overwhelmed by all of the new information, it seems there is always a faculty member ready to talk me through the area of concern.”

Elise Kieffer

 Art Education PhD



“I love how the program is very hands-on. We are often put in the client’s shoes through various art experientials to better understand what we will be doing as professionals. I also love how we get exposed to different populations at different practicum sites each semester. I think it is a great opportunity to really find your passion for certain populations and experience a variety of potential work settings to eventually become a well-rounded therapist.”

Pamela Salcedo

Art Therapy MS




Students in the Master’s Art Therapy program agree that the best advice is to be patient with yourself:




“Yes, it is a lot of work, but your health and well-being matter too! You don’t always have to go hard, you just have to go.”

Emi Illig

Art Therapy MS


“The work can get intense, but it’s doable. Through taking time for breaks and finding support in the cohort, I definitely feel a lot better as the program progresses. The beginning was a bit of an adjustment, but with time, the routine will set in and the bonds will only grow stronger.”

Anna Higgins

Art Therapy MS



While getting back into the swing of a new school year always takes some adjustment,  having the support of faculty and fellow classmates makes for an easier transition. Throughout the semester, the Department will continue to highlight insights, experiences, classes, research, and projects of current students to Provide an inside-look at life at FSU.


Consider becoming part of the Department’s Art Education, Art Therapy, Arts Administration, and/or the Museum Education and Visitor-Centered Exhibitions (MEX) programs!