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FSU-ATA Students Facilitate Multicultural Community Art Installation at International Coffee Hour

Published November 6, 2017

On Friday, October 27th, art therapy students from the FSU Art Therapy Association (FSU-ATA) had the opportunity to table at the FSU Center for Global Engagement’s International Coffee Hour. During the event, they facilitated the attendee’s involvement in creating a multicultural community art installation, which aimed to highlighting both cultural individuality as well as membership to a culturally diverse community.


With the aim to increase awareness of the field of art therapy, its benefits to mental health, and that no art experience is necessary to engage in art therapy, the FSU-ATA art therapy students provided a welcoming environment for individuals who attended the International Coffee Hour to contribute to a multicultural community art installation. More specifically, participants selected, altered, and decorated differing pieces of fabric with markers and strings, subsequently tying them to a branch in the manner and location they desired. When embellishing their fabric, they were encouraged to reflect on inclusivity, multiculturalism and diversity, unity, cultural individuality, positive affirmations, membership to a multicultural community, and/or appreciation of those around them. While participants were promoted to express themselves through any language, they had the option of using other approaches, such as drawing. Moreover, they could decorate and add multiple fabric pieces to the final art installation.

FSU-ATA art therapy students provided three different branches to contribute to. As participants continued to add their pieces, the branches began to embody the FSU multicultural community through color, shapes, texture, affirmations, differences, and similarities. The final product highlighted the interconnection of the community as well as the individuals that make part of it.

The final art piece will be displayed in the Reflective Room at the Global and Multicultural Engagement building, also known as “The Globe,” for visitors to experience.


FSU-ATA would like to thank the International Coffee Hour coordinators and the FSU Center for Global Engagement for allowing them to be part and bring art therapy to the event.