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FSU Graduate Art Therapy Program Faculty Present Innovative Research at the 2018 AATA Conference

Published November 30, 2018

The faculty of the FSU Art Therapy were also in attendance at the 2018 AATA conference.

Dr. Dave Gussak, PhD, ATR-BC, presented a psycho-historical examination of art and art therapy in a corrections setting with the intention of providing the scaffolding for the building of art therapy programs in the future. Additionally, Dr. Gussak provided insight on organizing a licensure campaign in Florida’s socially diverse and highly political landscape and on the importance of building supportive connections with university leaders and state officials. Dr. Gussak also served on a research roundtable focused on the discussion of his, Dr. Van Lith’s, and others most recent research endeavors.

Dr. Barbara Parker-Bell, PsyD, ATR-BC, led a workshop focused on both cognitive behavioral and positive psychology techniques that informed the creation of multiple artworks by workshop attendees. Additionally, Dr. Parker-Bell served on a focus group panel intended to help early-career professionals prepare for the Art Therapy Board Certification Exam (ATCBE).

Dr. Theresa Van Lith, PhD, ATR-BC, AThR, presented a published research article that explored a typology for art therapy research that integrates past research with present study methods while helping to enhance future research agendas. Dr. Van Lith also presented on the results of over 100 surveys administered to creative arts therapists and arts in health practitioners in effort to better understand their perceptions of their own, and one another’s fields.

Visiting Professor, Dr. Nancy Gerber contributed her expertise to meetings held for the AATA Education Committee and to forums such as the Research Roundtable, giving valuable feedback to budding researchers in the art therapy profession.