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Welcome, Ivory Lucas III!

Published September 20, 2016
Ivory Bass pic

Ivory Bass

The FSU Department of Art Education would like to sincerely welcome Ivory Lucas III as the new Arts Administration adjunct instructor.

We wanted to know more about instructor Lucas and his new position. Here’s what he had to say:

What position do you hold currently?

I am currently an assistant director in Facilities and Grounds at the university and was recently hired as an adjunct instructor for Introduction to Arts Administration. Working as an adjunct instructor allows me to obtain classroom experience sharing the knowledge I have gained throughout life and graduate school.

What opportunities did you pursue that led to your current occupation?

I am in the Arts Administration PhD program and have held several managerial and administrative roles throughout my career. I plan to utilize real world scenarios in the classroom to show the students how the textbook knowledge will be applicable in their careers.

Did you ever imagine obtaining the position that you have today?

I have always dreamed of working in the classroom at a university level but did not realize the opportunity would come so soon.

What was the most important/influential thing that you have learned while in school?

Never give up on your dreams. Never compare yourself to others. Be the best you that you can be through constantly learning and growing.

What unique abilities/traits do you possess that gives you an advantage as a lecturer for Arts Administration?

I am a pragmatist. I believe if we are unable to transfer what we learn academically outside of the university setting, we are missing great learning opportunities. I have always worked while attending school as far back as high school. I understand the importance of higher education, but more importantly the application of knowledge in a real world setting.

In pursuit of your new position, were there any major setbacks that you had to overcome?

I had to realize the difference between the profit models we study in business and the non-profit model used by many arts organizations. Sometimes profits are not the most important aspect of business within the arts as opposed to traditional business.

How do you plan to incorporate/advocate for entrepreneurship within the classroom?

I plan to show each student how their area of specialty has entrepreneurial opportunities. My goal is to show them that even if they cannot find a job, they have the ability to create jobs utilizing the skill sets they have.

What do you hope to achieve with your students as an adjunct professor?

I want my students to think critically about being arts administrators. When we discuss topics in class, I ask for their solutions to the real world problems so that they begin thinking like the role they want to possess one day. For example, during our first class after the recent hurricane, we discussed emergency plans for their (hypothetical) organizations. I had them to respond as the executive director. We discussed what could go wrong and possible solutions.

Do you have any advice for students or professionals who might desire to follow in your footsteps?

Passion for the field is important. It requires a commitment to continuous growth. Never give up on your dreams even if it takes a lifetime.